Kubu 3-Star Cylinder Replacement Keys


Original Kubu 3-Star Key, cut to code for use with Kubu TS007 Kitemark approved 3-star profile cylinders.

How to Order

You need to chose the quantity of extra keys, and provide us with the keycode above. Once you have placed your order, you will need to email us from the email address that will be linked to your order, and include: your order number, a photo of your existing key, and a safe address for delivery. All additional information should be sent via email to sales@getkubu.com

1. Key Code

Your code can be found on your original key. It is either a Letter then 6 digits (e.g. V123456) or 6 digits then a letter (e.g. 123456V). It is important that you enter the full code, exactly as you see it on your key.

2. Provide Photo

As a security measure, we ask that you send us a clear photo of your original key. That way we can check that the key you are ordering is yours, and can use it as a visual check against any newly cut keys.

Please ensure the photo is on a clear background, showing the full key blade – including code.

3. Safe Address

For security reasons we recommend that you have your keys posted to a different address to where the lock is fitted, your workplace or the address of a friend or family member is ideal.

When sending your photo, please also include your “Safe Address” in the email.

Your invoice will not be included in the package, to ensure there is no reference to where the key is to be used. Your invoice will have been emailed to you, and you can also access it in your account section of this website.

Keys are posted via recorded delivery.


We will NOT process your order until you have emailed your Photo and Safe address to us, at: sales@getkubu.com