Your New Window Works with Kubu!

Thank you for your interest in Kubu Smart Security. By scanning the sticker on your new windows, you have confirmed that your window has been manufactured to work seamlessly with our sensors, however there are a few options available to you.

Your Casement Window Works with Kubu.

Most security sensors will tell you if your door or window is open or closed. But can they tell you if your door is physically locked? or whether your window’s been left in vent mode by mistake? 

Kubu can, and it can do much more too…

Over 75% of Burglars get in through your Front Door.

(and 1 in 5 times the door
hadn’t even been locked!)

Simple. Secure. Smart.

Kubu door sensors are packed with helpful features & benefits.

High Security. Enhanced.

Kubu door sensors work hand-in-hand with the most secure multi-point door locks available and the cylinder of your choice to provide just the right level of technology without compromising your home security.

Smart AND Stylish

Designed to be completely concealed, Kubu provides discreet, yet helpful Smart security benefits – without having to compromise the aesthetics of your home with unsightly surface mounted sensors or oversized ‘Smart’ locks.

Welcome Home

Kubu can be integrated with most major smart home technologies, allowing you to create home automations and scenes that work with the turn of your key.

Fit it. Forget it.
Calibration Free.

Being fully integrated into your door lock, Kubu sensors will work perfectly time after time, so you’ll always be sure it’s secure.

How does Kubu enhance the security of your doors?

Kubu® Smart Security Door Sensors not only let you know if your doors are locked or not, they provide added functionality and lifestyle enhancements too:

How many times have you wondered “Did I lock my door?”

With our SureSecure™ geofence alerts, Kubu® will send you an alert telling you that you have forgotten to lock your door before you even get to the end of the street.

Check whether your elderly relatives are locked up securely before bed, or be alerted when your children are home safe from school.

There’s lots of reasons you may want to share your Kubu.

Kubu can send status update notifications whenever is best for you.

For example, you could send a reminder that all is secure at bedtime.

Kubu uses remote data and machine learning to send you alerts when you need them most.

For example, we can warn you to close your windows just before it starts raining!

Kubu can help you to improve the energy efficiency of your home through Smart notifications and integrations.

For example, we could turn off your heating when windows have been opened or you’ve left the property.

Smart Security for your Smart Home

Kubu can be fully integrated into your Smart Home, allowing you to create scenes and automations that can be activated at the turn of a key or the opening of a window.

You can receive status updates and notifications on your phone, your watch or even your existing smart speaker.

It’s simple to find out if your doors ‘Work with Kubu®’

To find out if your doors ‘Work with Kubu’ simply look out
for the Kubu stickers inside the frame. For more information, click the button below.

Kubu for Doors

Kubu Smart Security - Door Lock Sensor

Our first-of-its-kind door sensor, fits seamlessly into your multi-point door lock
that “Works with Kubu®”, providing you with real-time security status updates.

Not compatible?

If your windows and doors do not already ‘Work with Kubu®’, you will need to contact a Kubu Pro installer to get started.