What is SureShield?

AN Intelligent Alerting System from Kubu Smart Security

An Extra Layer of Security

SureShieldBETA  is an intelligent, early warning system that puts your whole home on lockdown.

Another layer of security, SureShield gives instant alerts with every change of status, on any access point – so if your windows or doors are being tampered with, Kubu will make you instantly aware.

SureShield alerts you much earlier than traditional alarms.

(be warned well before your perimeter has been breached!)

How does SureShield Work?

It couldn’t be easier to add even more protection to your home…

Step 1:
Activate SureShield in the Kubu App

Simply click the SureShield button in the Kubu app to activate ‘armed mode’.

Step 2:
Monitor Your Home

SureShield then monitors the status of all connected sensors and checks for any status changes or vibrations.

Step 3:
Receive Instant Alerts

Using your phone’s Critical Alerts feature, if any sensor detects an unusual activity or tampering, SureShield immediately alerts you via your smartphone – even if it’s set in Do Not Disturb mode.

Step 4:

With SureShield, you will always be safe in the knowledge that your home is secure – no matter where you are.

Why Choose SureShield?

Imagine being alerted instantly if someone tries to tamper with your windows or doors; or if the neighbour has used the spare key while you’re away; maybe someone has opened a front window while you are in the garden.

With SureShield, your home is under constant watch, sending you real-time alerts to your smartphone, ensuring you are immediately aware of your home’s security status. SureShield ensures you’re always in the know.

With SureShield Activated, your Kubu sensors combine to detect any unauthorised attempts to access your home, providing immediate alerts to your smartphone.

Stay informed with instant notifications for any activity or security breaches, ensuring you can take action quickly.

SureShield is an added layer within the Kubu app – no additional sensors or equipment required!

With SureShield you can choose the level of alert you want to receive. Want immediate alerts if something is happening? No Problem. Simply want to check for your self, whenever you want? That’s OK too.

And this is just the start. With so much more being added in the near future, SureShield will allow you to create different zones in your home, and integrate with all of your other smart devices to create a truly modern alerting system.

Smart Security for your Smart Home

Kubu can be fully integrated into your Smart Home, allowing you to create scenes and automations that can be activated at the turn of a key or the opening of a window.

You can receive status updates and notifications on your phone, your watch or even your existing smart speaker.