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Kubu is Tried, Tested and Trusted

Kubu Smart have recently announced a window security sensor, an incredibly versatile retro-fit sensor and a comprehensive range of high-security hardware – helping to create a complete smart home solution from the pioneering brand. Ryan Bromley, co-founder of Kubu talks about the recent launches and what’s in store at the FIT Show, where even more, as yet unseen product innovation is set to be unveiled.

Exhibitions are by and large an opportunity to engage with a wider audience and this year’s FIT Show will be no exception. As a smart security business, it will be the perfect platform for us to showcase our new products and to demonstrate how Kubu smart technology can be easily integrated into the connected home.

Since we launched our door sensor back in 2019, our customers have been on – what we like to call – a ‘Smart Journey’ with us. Bringing smart technology to a whole new market sector has not been an easy task. Using our breakthrough technology we’ve been able to spend the last few years listening to consumers, our trade customers and smart industry professionals to continually improve, integrate and stabilise the Kubu platform.

Working with the highly-experienced mechanical engineers from within the Avantis Group, our Kubu electronic engineers and software developers have been able to create a comprehensive product range that now brings Smart Security to the entire home. 

Being vertically integrated from concept to consumer has been a massive bonus for us, as we are able to move swiftly and efficiently while maintaining full transparency throughout the supply chain, providing overwhelming reassurance for our customers and consumers alike.

It has been important to us throughout this process that we do not restrict the consumers’ options, and our research suggests that this is the correct approach.  

Consumers want free choice of style, material and furniture. They don’t want limited choice of hardware, like the oversized ugly handles that are everywhere in the Smart Lock sector; they don’t want surface mounted sensors that ruin the overall look of their new multi-thousand pound investment; and they don’t want to mess with it every few months to make sure it’s still working. They DO however want Smart technology that integrates seamlessly with the tech they already use.

It’s harder than you think! 

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Fortunately, our team of exceptionally creative and innovative minds have managed to produce a range of products that will work on any door or window type, made of any material, and are fully compatible with the handle and cylinder of their choice.

The first Avantis ‘Works with Kubu®’ FMT window locks are already in stock and over the next few weeks and months there will be a complete roll out of new mechanical multi-point locks that have been designed for all types of window or door – including an all important auto-fire! 

By co-designing the hardware and smart security technology together, we’ve been able to overcome any issues and obstacles on a per use-case basis.

For example the Kubu window sensor has been developed with our very own ‘floating-sensor technology’, which allows the sensor to move with the window over time, helping it to overcome such common issues as sash-drop. This means it will always provide accurate status reports without the need for repeated setup or calibration.

It has up to 2 years battery life, is completely concealed within the frame (so can’t be seen when the windows are closed), and has notification statuses on the app showing every state from fully secure to open wide. It can even notify the user if the window is in secure night vent mode. Other benefits include full smart home integration, family sharing, air quality monitoring and even weather warnings.

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To complement our door and window products, we have also recently announced our ‘Kubu Anywhere’ retro-fit sensor.  A clever little sensor that is packed with features and can be fitted to literally any window or door from your medicine cupboard to your garden gate. It can be concealed or surface mounted, has vibration sense and is incredibly simple to install.

Furthermore, it adds as-yet-unseen functionality to existing door setups, allowing for complex status updates on such things as stable doors (think ‘top half open, bottom half locked’…).

For our trade customers, it not only provides a point of difference over their competitors, it also adds the ability to upsell Kubu Smart Security throughout the home – even if the consumer is only buying a front door.

Yet another sales tool available to our customers is that all Kubu products are insurance backed. Yes. Insurance backed windows and doors – a fenestration industry first! 

By fitting doors and windows that ‘Work with Kubu®’ and installing our smart sensors, consumers can get a discount on their home insurance premium.

To back this all up, we continue to provide our 10-year mechanical warranty and are launching the World’s first Smart Security Guarantee of up to £2,022 that will be stored electronically on the user’s Smart device and will help consumers avoid the pitfalls of standard security guarantees through maintenance notifications and other added benefits. 

There’s one more key product that will complete the Kubu range but we are keeping it strictly under wraps. We’ve got to have at least one surprise for you all at the FIT Show! 

It’s very clear that the future for our sector will be in smart sensor technologies, so it has never been more important to choose the right smart partner for your business.

Make sure you make the right decision.

Be Smart. Work with Kubu.


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