Simplicity. The key to winning smart business.

This article was first published in Total Installer Magazine October 2022 Edition.

In his latest comment, Ryan Bromley, Co-Founder of Kubu Smart Security 🔒 explains how offering a simple product an attractive price is, whilst not easy to produce, is leading installers to increase their use of smart home products…


One of the godfathers of today’s smart industry, Steve Jobs, is famous for saying: “Simple is harder than complex; you have to work really hard to get your thinking clean to make things simple.”

Bringing Smart tech into the Fenestration industry has been a slow, and sometimes clunky process. Fitting the required mechanics and electronics into a box, has thus far resulted in some pretty hefty accessories (with pretty hefty price tags) being mounted in full view onto your customers doors and windows, resulting in a relatively small uptake for such products. They’ve just not been simple enough to appeal to today’s consumer.

Understandably, this has resulted in a really difficult sell for all of you installers, giving smart technology a bad name in the industry.  Yes you could make a few extra quid, but is the hassle really worth it?  Most of you said no.

So creating a product that is not only simple to use by the end user, but also simple to fit by a fabricator, simple to set up and sell for the installer – all at an attractive price point for the mass market – has been no easy task. 

Kubu Smart Door Sensor being fitted into a door lock

We now have a product that has virtually no setup or maintenance and is calibration free, is completely concealed inside your customers’ frames, that works intuitively and will seamlessly function with their existing Smart technology, including lighting and heating. As a consumer, Fenestration smart tech doesn’t come any simpler.

As an installer, the process is just so simple too. 

You can now buy doors and windows that ‘Work with Kubu’  from most of the top fabricators in the UK, on pretty much any system you prefer to use.

Any special Kubu requirements are prefabricated before you even receive the items, so all you have to do is fit the doors and windows as you normally would. Simple, huh?

Well… kind of.

We have an ever growing number of installers that are fitting doors and windows that “Work with Kubu”. The consumer receives their door or window that is ready to be upgraded to smart, but it’s still not actually smart – they still need to add the sensors. 

It’s amazing to see our products really penetrating the UK market in this way, but it can still be a bit confusing to some consumers, so the question we asked ourselves is: 

“How do we make this more simple for everyone involved?”

 And to be honest, we think we’ve cracked it.

There is an emergence of installers that have started to fit our sensors as standard when they install a door or window – in exactly the same way as heating engineers are doing with their smart tech.  

This led us to run some tests around the country, where we have asked the installer to quote their jobs with Kubu Smart Security included as standard. All doors and windows fitted, fully setup and activated at the point of installation.

The feedback has been pretty impressive.  

All installers have reported how easy Kubu is to fit,  an increased rate of quote conversion, and that their consumers have been much happier as a result.  Consumers have been choosing their quotes over others’ because the smart technology is built in with the price.

Their business has improved, when all those around have been slowing down.  In today’s climate that’s pretty powerful stuff, and it’s incredibly hard to ignore! 

If you’re interested in winning more business by ‘quoting with Kubu’ and supplying Smart as Standard to your customers, why not get in touch? 

We’ll support you every step of the way – whether that is sales or fitter training, handover materials, customer service or showroom support.  We’ll even support you with a few sensors, so you can try “Quoting with Kubu” risk free.  Simple, huh? 


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