Take Advantage of Award Winning Marketing when you ‘Work with Kubu’​

“Forging a new market sector was never going to be easy…” says Ryan Bromley co-founder of Kubu Smart Security and son of the well known, liked and trusted Mark Bromley, “…that’s why when launching our new ideas into the fenestration world, we didn’t just rely on the fact we have a great product, but we invested heavily into sales and marketing too. After all, even the best products will fall flat if nobody knows they exist!”

It’s a mantra that has seen a paradigm shift within the business, seeing a transformation from an engineering and design-led business, to being marketing-led.

“It’s all well and good thinking if you build it, they will come“, continues Ryan, “but if you build it, tell everyone it’s there, create some posters, sell some tickets, lay on the transport, and provide a buffet they’ll definitely come, and probably bring their mates along too!”

As a testament to the importance Kubu places on marketing, they have recently WON ‘Promotional Campaign of the Year’ at the prestigious G-Awards Gala Event in London’s Mayfair for their “Be Smart” campaign.

Intended as a double-entendre, the campaign aims to motivate Installers & Fabricators to welcome ‘Smart’ into their business, but also to encourage them to make the right decision when choosing a Smart Partner. Their products and business can “be” smart by working with Kubu, but also they should make the smart decision to work with Kubu too.

The culmination of years of hard work in both product development and sales, the campaign has introduced industry first products, partnerships and benefits, through high-energy and high-quality videos, posts, parties, POS, and PR –  all with one crystal clear message:

Be Smart. Work with Kubu.

“We are absolutely delighted to have won such a highly regarded award in front of our friends and colleagues, but this is not just about us marketing ourselves” adds Marc Henson (MCIM) – Head of Marketing for Kubu – “It’s about making sure our customers, and our customers customers can be successful too. That’s why we have developed our ‘Works with’ and ‘Kubu PRO’ programmes.”

The programmes consist of comprehensive strategies, assets and marketing support options, designed specifically for the differing needs of Fabricators and Installers – to best help them to thrive in the relatively new category of ‘Smart Installers’ that are rapidly emerging in the UK fenestration industry.

“As people are getting more comfortable with the technology, they are finding ever more creative ways to use Kubu as a differentiator or selling aide for their business, and with times getting tougher, any edge will be crucial to helping them win more business over their competitors and secure their future.”

“We can help out with everything from staff training to customer open days, videos to web content, social posts to sell-through promotions” continued Marc, “and if we haven’t got something you think you will need, our talented team are here and can handcraft the perfect assets for you and your business.”

“We don’t plan to stop here either” says Ryan. “It’s all well and good giving the Trade all the tools they need, but without Consumer desire you’re not going to get anywhere.”

“That’s why throughout 2023 we will also be launching comprehensive Consumer focused campaigns, including: localised/targeted ads, influencer product placements, brand integrations, consumer press and competitions to name but a few of the channels we have in the planning.”

If YOU are looking for a cutting edge in 2023 and would like to take advantage of the Award Winning Products and Marketing from Kubu Smart Security 🔒, please get in touch or visit getkubu.com/trade for more information.

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